Author Angela Kolias’ father once said that life is a tragedy and a catastrophe and that people have a choice whether to laugh or cry. Mostly, Kolias has chosen to laugh, but she has also cried plenty. In ALPHA OMEGA YOGA, she delves into the art and science of self transformation.

Yoga in the West has gone from being esoteric and on the fringe to now being mainstream as a physical workout. But Kolias points out that the physical practice of Yoga is merely a means to the end. What is yoga really all about? What do all the centuries of practice and insight reveal?

For those who want to go deeper into the experience of Birth – Death and Enlightenment here is a book written in simple poetic form giving an overview of the big picture of infinity, manifestation and our place in it with an introduction to Savasana, corpse pose, as the beginning point for inner work and transformation.

Kolias hopes that ALPHA OMEGA YOGA will provide a springboard with simple yet powerful techniques for those who are seeking self transformation.